Patience Pt. 2

rocks for patience

By: Mary Martin

Have you ever received guidance from God and didn’t want to do it?  Did you argue and go back and forth?  Did you finally let go and finally say, I’ll do it!  How do you feel when you do what He wants you to do and fail at it?  Angry!  Really!  Did you still trust Him?  Were you sad and disappointed?

Sometimes, it’s the lesson that God want you to learn more than doing the task.  How about a lesson in being patient, healing, trusting, believing, strengthening your faith?  Whatever it is, there’s a lesson to be learned whether we pass or fail.

There have been many times when God has wanted me to do something or pay attention to something and I didn’t and as a result, I ended up feeling angry, disappointed, wondering why me (at some point in time, we’ve all said-why me?) but we learn lessons along our journey in life and one of those lessons is patience.  God has his way of wanting us to establish a relationship with Him.

When God opens the door to the chance to grow we have to decide to break our old habits.  How are we to become new if we are not willing to shed our old skin?  As we go on our spiritual journey, we develop trust along the way.  Trust that God will guide us to our destination in life, that He will supply our needs first, but we have to shed our old skin so we can move forward.

As we grow, we change.  Just like babies grow in different stages, so do we when we are on our spiritual journey.  It has been said that people who are recovering from some type of addiction usually discover quickly that they no longer fit into their old skin which includes their old friends.  Their relationships will stand a chance of survival if others are going through the transformation as well or they’ll come to an end.  Either way, you get to choose to shed your old skin and receive new skin.  It’s a part of healing and it is at this time, patience become your best friend.

When it comes to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, our trust in God will be put to the test, during the transformation.  This is the time to trust Gods guidance and believe His plan for your life is the best for you.  Patience is one of the keys to learning what God has for you.

Until next time…Walk in Wisdom

Mary Martin

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